Business Insider: 13 top consultants and experts helping advertisers address their longstanding diversity problems

Insider identified 13 leading DEI experts and consultants that top agencies and marketers including Procter & Gamble, T-Mobile, and WPP are turning to to improve their cultures and diversify their staff.


AdAge: Uncomfortable Conversations: How One DEI Consultant is Pushing Agency CEOs for Real Change

Lauren Tucker’s Do What Matters has advised shops like The Martin Agency, Noble People and Periscope, as well as its parent Quad/Graphics.

This is part of a recurring series of Q&As called “Uncomfortable Conversations,” taking on the sometimes tough, but always necessary, discussions about inclusion in advertising. This series spotlights the many diverse voices that make up this industry—at all levels and in all disciplines—highlighting their personal experiences to illustrate the importance of inclusion and equity throughout the entire ecosystem.


AdWeek: To Forge Its DEI Future, The Richards Group Partners with Leading Firm

The Richards Group engages Dr. Lauren Tucker to help build a more inclusive culture after agency founder Stan Richards’ racially insensitive remarks led to an exodus of clients and employees.


Employee Activism Is on the Rise. What Does That Mean for Companies?

In the wake of racial turmoil, a poll from Morning Consult last June revealed that 81% of respondents believed that their CEOs should ensure that their company’s hiring process was equitable. In the months since, employees have become more vocal about the changes they’d like to see. And with it has come an enormous pressure on C-level executives to respond not only accordingly, but empathetically.

According to Dr. Lauren Tucker, CEO of inclusion management consultancy Do What Matters, the first step that CEOs should take to ensure that these employees — or rather employees activists — are being heard is recognizing the generation they identify with. While baby boomers still make up a large portion of executives, many entry-level to mid-level employee activists are Gen Zers who are increasingly using social media to voice their concerns. They’re also workers who want to see substantive change.


Forbes: Diversity Equity and Inclusion Thought Leaders on What Companies Should Do to be Better in 2021

Implementing better Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) practices across a company is not just socially and morally responsible, it affects the bottom line. Studies have shown the increased effectiveness of teams with greater diversity. If companies want to attract and retain top talent and compete in the 21st century they need to be better about fostering environments that promote inclusion.

Achieving that is possible. We must invest in change, question our preconceived notions, and take a perspective of empathy that can be uncomfortable at times. The benefits are worth it though. And there is help to be had from people who have spent their careers working on these issues.


Fox32 News: How Companies Can Leverage Employee Activism

Dr. Lauren Tucker, founder and CEO of Do What Matters, explains the dynamics of employee activism and the importance of workers standing up for their beliefs.


Do What Matters Names Robert Jackson as Chief Operating Officer

Do What Matters, an inclusion management consultancy designed to help marketing services agencies turn diversity into actions that increase creativity and drive growth, announced that Robert Jackson has been appointed Chief Operating Officer, the latest in executive leadership at the firm. Jackson previously ran RAJAA (Robert A. Jackson And Associates) as its Principal, and will now work directly with Do What Matters CEO, Lauren Tucker, the maverick known for fearlessly disrupting cultural homogeneity in the advertising world through her firm’s unique brand of inclusion management.