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It's Time to Do What Matters

Do What Matters is a strategic management consultancy designed to help marketing services agencies turn diversity into actions that drive growth. For decades, advertising agencies, media companies and public relations firms promised, their employees, their clients and an increasingly multicultural consumer market, they would increase the percentages of people of color, women and LGBTQ at every level of their organizations. Unfortunately, the stats haven't changed much.

Getting Real About Diversity Matters

Do What Matters is the resource you go to when your agency is ready for real, honest cultural change, not diversity theater. If your agency's been rocked by harassment scandals, discrimination lawsuits, or maybe your clients threaten to walk if they don't see more diversity in your ranks, Do What Matters offers real solutions for achieving positive change fast. Holding companies, private equity owners and parent companies may offer human resource guidance, but Do What Matters goes beyond standard diversity and inclusion programs to customize an inclusion management roadmap and action plan to enhance your culture, improve your operations and help your agency get back to the business of growth.

Transcultural IQ Matters

Culturally tone-deaf talent management and marketing execution can cause huge internal and external disruptions. Do What Matters will help you transform recruiting, hiring and advancement practices to help you attract, retain and manage the diverse talent needed to drive growth. We'll also employ our transcultural lens to look under the hood at your operations and uncover insights to transform internal processes, from strategy development to creative reviews, that will make your work relevant to an increasingly multicultural consumer market.

Solution Building Matters

We're not problem solvers. We're solution builders. We won't come in with a scorched earth attitude. Our solution-building framework takes a fact-based approach to understanding your agency's culture. We take the blame out of the game by identifying what's working, getting quick wins by amplifying those strengths and creating a runway to build new solutions where diversity can be the sharp end of the spear of agency growth. We'll also help your teams realize that putting their biases aside will open them up to new creative strategies and ideas that will make the work more relevant to today's multicultural consumer market.

Experience & Accountability Matters

We are not a DEI consulting firm that focuses on human resource transformation. We are team of experienced marketing services professionals who are committed to helping you put diversity and inclusion management to work. We understand the business imperatives of marketing communications and media. We also know how to customize an inclusion management program that builds on the strengths of your agency's culture, while providing your clients with new resources for talent and ideas that meet the demands of an increasingly multicultural market. More importantly, we use data to track measurable improvements to help you amplify efforts that are working, while strengthening your culture, improving the work and driving real growth.

It's Time Diversity Matters

The days of Madmen are over. For industries that pride themselves on innovation and creative ideas, advertising, media and public relations companies keep relying on the same old pipelines and approaches to talent management. Doing the same thing and expecting a different result isn't Madmen, it's just madness. Do What Matters offers a more agile, adaptive, objective path to building a more diverse, successful creative culture that will improve agency morale, produce better work and drive real growth.


We are marketing services professionals with a long history of talent management, diversity leadership and strategic consulting experience.


We have honed our transcultural IQ with a mix of deep business, research and academic experience in the marketing, communications, multicultural industries and will put this knowledge, education and experience into direct action within your organization.


Our solution-focused strategic process gets to ideas faster and more efficiently that problem-focused approaches.


Our work is based on a fact-based understanding of your leadership, employees and overall culture. We use accepted, validated diversity, equity and inclusion research tools to provide actionable insights and to track measurable improvement that will help you communicate progress to your employees, your clients and the industry.


Our blog fiercely challenges the assumptions feeding the culturally tone-deaf and demeaning customer experiences that plague mainstream marketing. At Do What Matters, we’re changing the game by changing the rules and challenging all marketers to Do What Matters.

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Lauren Tucker

Lauren Tucker, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO

  • Transcultural marketing expert
  • 30+ years of advertising and marketing services experience
  • Innovator in solution building strategy and strengths-based insights development
  • Speaker and scholar in diversity, cultural and communication studies
  • Marketing agency experience includes Leo Burnett, Burrell, The Martin Agency, and Merge


Lauren Tucker