Go Beyond DEI

  • Manage Humans for the 21st Century

  • Unleash the potential of your human capital in the knowledge economy

  • Empower humans to create, innovate and make in a multicultural world


Our Mission

We go beyond DEI by helping organizations and people leaders to discover, practice, and implement transformative talent management solutions for the 21st-century knowledge, information, and service-driven economy. 

What is Inclusion Management?

Inclusion management strategies create talent gravity elevating the relevant differences that foster the creativity and innovation required for a knowledge-driven economy in a multicultural world. 

Inclusion First
Inclusion is not a zero-sum game. Our inclusion first mission ensures all your employees feel invested in the mission of your company and success of the work. We look for the win-win by positioning difference and diversity as a solution to be elevated, not a problem to be fixed.
Solutions Focused
Our inclusion solutions build on your company’s strengths, a strategy that reduces cultural resistance to change and gets you to sustainable inclusion and representation goals faster.
Behavior Based
Our behavior-based solutions reduce the operational inefficiencies that erode creativity and innovation and foster bias and exclusion—the result: a richer talent portfolio that drives dramatic growth.

More creativity, innovation and growth

Let Us Help


Our deep executive management expertise offers you the operational and managerial support and confidence required to sustainably integrate inclusion strategy into your business model, resulting in greater creativity, innovation, representation and growth.

Talent Centered

We put the focus back on what drives your company’s growth — your talent. Enriching the talent portfolio fuels our clients’ success and promotes sustainable DEI efforts and employee engagement.

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What our clients say:

  • When we began working with Dr. Lauren Tucker and the Do What Matters team, we were involved in one of the most challenging periods in the 45-year history of our agency. With their guidance and expertise, we have started a journey of transformational change. They have continued to challenge us and have pushed us to have some uncomfortable and difficult conversations.

    Glenn Dady - CEO, The Richards Group
  • With Lauren’s help, we were not only able to develop a substantive approach to our DEI initiatives, we were able to align them beautifully with our corporate values, which have a great deal of meaning to our people. For a 50-year-old company, it’s important to stretch and grow while at the same time honor the principles that define who you are. That’s exactly what Lauren has helped us accomplish.

    Artell Smith - Vice President of Talent and HR Shared Services at Quad
  • From the moment I joined Periscope and in the early days, Lauren was there as an amazing partner to help us shape our inclusion vision, build solutions for being and doing better, and think more strategically about how we can address systemic racism in the workplace. Her spirit of “progress over perfection” is a beacon for any leader who is serious about driving real change.

    Cari Bucci-Hulings - President of Periscope
  • Lauren is a long-time professional colleague and personal friend. She graciously offered her assistance when we needed critical support, and we found her insights and expertise to be essential as we planned our path forward. Lauren’s wealth of agency experience and her vast network gave us access to the best minds in the business, which we value as we continue our journey to advance diversity, equity and inclusion in our industry.

    Eric Ashworth - Executive Vice President of Product & Market Strategy at Quad
  • When we met Dr. Tucker and the team at Do What Matters, we were neck-deep in the aftermath of racist comments made by our founder. With all the activity we were doing to rebuild ourselves, the Do What Matters team quickly helped us focus on transformational change vs. changes that were merely transactional. Her straightforward, no-nonsense approach ensured that we faced our problem areas head-on.

    Trent Walters - Brand Management/Principal, The Richards Group
  • Lauren’s expertise does not begin and end with developing corporate DEI initiatives. She is a skilled strategic communications partner, from internal communication to media relations and more. She also helped our team identify and engage with external partners who share our vision for creating a better way for the next generation.

    Maura Packham - Vice President, Corporate Communications at Quad
  • Lauren continues to be instrumental part of our team as we revamp our internal infrastructure at Periscope. Her diversity, equity and inclusion expertise – paired with her extensive agency experience – helped us move forward on our journey to become a more inclusive workplace for our employees as we provide premier marketing services to our clients.

    Chris Hiland - SVP of Agency Operations at Periscope
  • Lauren and her team at Do What Matters helped us take the vital step of assessing our current state as a company in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion. You can’t know where to go if you don’t know where you are. Her process of conducting surveys and focus groups, and facilitating meaningful discussions gave us the intelligence we needed to create long-term inclusion solutions.

    Rob Quadracci - Executive Director, Human Resources at Quad