Go beyond DEI.
Learn to manage humans for the 21st century.

Our services will help your organization build a strategic roadmap to go beyond DEI to minimize the operational inefficiencies that foster bias and exclusion and corrode creativity and innovation. The result: actionable, accountable, and impactful pathways to unleash the potential of your talent force and drive growth in the 21st century. 


Desired Future Assessment ™️

Our process delivers a solutions-focused roadmap that goes beyond DEI initiatives and offers leadership the guidance required to manage human capital for the 21st century. The assessment integrates insights from in-depth interviews and surveys where leaders and talent are asked to envision, articulate and define their specific expectations for success and organizational growth. The assessment delivers a comprehensive and holistic roadmap that goes beyond DEI to lay the foundation for successful inclusion and ESG management strategies required to achieve growth in a talent-driven economy.

Additional Desired Future Tools: 
  • Inclusion Experience Assessment: A continuous measurement of the employee inclusion experience, providing anonymized feedback and insights for ensuring a culture where everyone feels safe, valued, heard, and productive.  
  • Talent Gravity Assessment: A comprehensive survey measuring five dimensions of engagement plus an employee net promoter score. The survey process includes learning and development sessions to help people leaders amplify their strengths and learn new insights on how they can create talent gravity through enhanced leadership capabilities. 


Desired Future Workshop ™️ (In-person or Virtual)

When it is time to put your strategy into action, our Desired Future™️ Workshop can provide you and your team a path to impact. Based on your strategic roadmap for building a positive and inclusive culture, our facilitated session employs time-tested, solution-building exercises to help you create ownable, credible action plans to be implemented by your leadership team.  


Inclusion Management Learning Sessions (In-person or Virtual)

Inclusion management goes beyond DEI to help today’s leaders forge a new mindset for managing the unique challenges and opportunities posed by an economy driven by the uniquely human capabilities of knowledge, information, creativity, innovation, and service. The narrow focus of traditional DEI practices can obscure the signs of a toxic and inefficient culture that people of color, women, and LGBTQ+ experience more acutely, but also negatively impact the larger talent community. Our inclusion management learning series takes a systems approach to understand how operational inefficiencies foster bias and exclusion and corrode the creativity and innovation required to drive growth in the 21st century. 

Beyond DEI: How to Manage Humans for the 21st Century introduces a new mindset for managing human diversity and talent in an era fueled by knowledge, information, creativity, and innovation, and defines inclusion management and the inclusion management mission. What’s Happening at the Blindspot: How Bias Stunts Creativity, Innovation, and Growth is an engaging explanation of how biases are like hangups, we all got ‘em. The goal of this session is to help everyone in your organization understand how to upgrade organizational processes to minimize bias while unleashing the potential of your entire talent force. 

Inclusive Talent Management Workshops (In-person or Virtual)

These workshops put inclusive talent engagement and nurturing at the center of your organizational strategy and elevate the role of talent management partners to leaders of the inclusion management imperative.

Inclusive Talent Management Workshop: Recruiting, Interviewing, and Hiring

The key to increasing inclusion and creating talent gravity is improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring processes. In this workshop, we explain how to 

  • Define performance-based job expectations, requirements, and interview questions
  • Create job descriptions to focus on “must haves” rather than inconsistent and exclusionary “nice to haves.”
  • Compose interview and candidate advocacy teams to showcase team chemistry and foster the momentum new hires need to achieve job success.
  • Articulate a consistent and compelling organizational narrative to attract candidates from a wide array of backgrounds and experiences. 
  • Avoid the missteps of exclusion and bias that turn off great talent.
Inclusive Talent Management Workshop: Evaluation, Promotion, and Succession

Create job success and talent gravity by building a fair, inclusive, and equitable advancement and succession process using evidence-based tools and more efficient processes. In this workshop, we explain how to 

  • Build a scorecard and panel evaluation processes to fuel more inclusive, equitable advancement based on explicit competency criteria.
  • Identify and eliminate “ghost rules” creating confusion around current and future expectations of job performance.  
  • Improve decision-making to establish and deepen managerial credibility around the advancement of talent. 
  • Reduce bias and exclusion by intentionally building teams that minimize “sameness” and advance complementary capabilities and performance profiles.
  • Identify more precisely areas for learning and development while reducing the need for the dreaded “PIP” Personal Improvement Plan.
  • Get ahead of succession planning through evidence-based assessments of leadership potential.

Inclusive Conversations and Conflict Management Workshop (In-person or Virtual)

Agile, influential 21st-century leaders, managers, and individual contributors are solutions-focused, not problem-focused. This session establishes the principles of solution building, beginning with the SIMPLE premise: Where do you want to go today? This session will provide you with the foundations for creating customers and advocates for positive change, an essential skill for building and leading a culture where everyone feels safe, valued, heard, and productive. The playbook also provides your team with guidance and tools to use solution-building techniques for a variety of challenging conversations including conflict management, strategy development, mediation, everyday talent management, coaching, internal consulting, facilitation, and project management. 

Inclusive Creativity: Content, Product, and Service Management Workshop (In-person or Virtual)

Building and managing content, products, and services require inclusive creativity and demand more than a diversity audit or commitment to diverse suppliers and audiences. This workshop provides a roadmap to help your teams create content, products, and services that are memorable, meaningful, and remarkable to an increasingly multicultural and global market. This workshop introduces inclusion interventions designed to short circuit bias and exclusion while unlocking the creative potential of all team members who participate in creating, making, and distributing what your company does best. You and your team will walk away with actionable ways to rewire your process to encourage more inclusive storytelling and product and service development. 

Managing Employee Resource Groups (ERG) for Impact and Business Success Workshop (In-person or Virtual)

Unleash the untapped potential of your employees via their culture, lifestyle, age, or ability to increase engagement, reduce churn and enhance your employer brand. There are two workshops (employee and management) that provide roadmaps to help managers and employees connect and participate more effectively in the company mission while also creating safe spaces and shared perspectives. Your team will walk away with ERG best practices customized to apply to your organization’s vision, mission, and operating principles. The workshop will also include guidelines for employee relationship and communication management.


Inclusion Management Consulting

It’s hard to be a prophet in your own land, so we say: Don’t go it alone. Our consultants have the depth of professional experience and the training to credibly speak truth to power and to employees. We partner with clients to go beyond DEI and implement sustainable inclusion management initiatives while building solutions that reduce the operational inefficiencies that lead to talent turnover and unhappy customers.

Our management consulting partnership includes:

  • The Desired Future Assessment ™️
  • Inclusion Management Training
  • Leadership coaching to ensure leaders and managers get the support they need to implement inclusive talent and workflow management processes.
  • Ongoing measurement and analytics designed to provide insights to amplify what’s working, eliminate what’s not and fuel the momentum


Inclusive Leadership Coaching

Don’t go it alone. This is complex stuff and Dr. Lauren Tucker’s coaching, at the individual or team level, will guide you in the learning, practice, and implementation of inclusion management. Her passionate crusade to help humans manage humans better will also guide DEI professionals in positioning their work as an integral part of managing human capital and unleashing the potential of a multicultural, transcultural and global talent force.