We can help you achieve your inclusion goals

Our Inclusion Management Consultants

We engage in straightforward, solutions-focused talk about what it takes to get you to your inclusion destination and provide the options, ideas and tools to help you achieve your inclusion goals.

Company Mentor Program

Our Company Mentor Program is one of our most popular and engaging services. Current and former clients, inclusion leaders and allies generously share what they’ve learned on their journey to a more inclusive, equitable, representative and prosperous culture.

Inclusive Talent Management Process

Our Inclusive Talent Management Process promotes behavior-based solutions to disrupt the bias and exclusion typically fostered by traditional and inefficient approaches to talent management. Our approach manages bias and increases efficiency while setting the stage for every employee to live up to their fullest potential.

Established inclusion nudges fuel the process:

  • A thorough Job Analysis makes explicit the expectations and requirements of every job at every level to ensure all managers and employees understand what is required to achieve job success on day one and what it takes to stay on a successful career path.
  • If not, why not accountability transfers the responsibility for employee job success back to the one who has the power in the relationship — the manager! This nudge is integrated into the hiring and promotion process to ensure hiring managers report “if not, why not” to their executive leaders on their talent management decisions to hire the best, most qualified talent and achieve greater inclusion and representation..
  • Anonymize people to focus on merit in the application and promotion process.
  • Reframe team composition targets to reduce homogeneity, increasing the probability of enriching the talent portfolio and delivering greater creativity and innovation.
  • Structured interviewing and evaluation processes designed to reduce the influence of biases and put the focus on merits and, more importantly, potential.
  • Inclusive job descriptions and announcements to minimize bias and increase opportunities for greater representation, creativity and innovation.

Inclusion Strategy Development & Roadmapping

We design customized inclusion-first solutions to integrate into your company’s business vision, strategy and operations. Our deep experience in advertising and marketing management means we will recommend only those solutions that are relevant and actionable for your culture and your business goals.

Inclusion Leadership & Management Training

Unlike traditional DEI management approaches, our inclusion-first leadership and management training elevates “difference” as an opportunity to be seized, not a problem to be solved. We developed a transformative program reflective of this philosophy and our deep experience of the advertising and marketing communication agency industry.

TrainingWe don’t do anti-bias training. We help you manage bias through behavior-based techniques designed to help you and your team design, build and execute inclusion solutions that reduce exclusion and foster greater creativity and innovation.

Our training sessions will help you

  • Undermine the negative impact of bias that can shape corporate culture.
  • Design, build and deploy policies, processes and systems to make inclusion the default.
  • Empower employees to own and be accountable for the company’s culture.
  • Create customers for change by verbalizing support and actions for inclusion.
  • Continuously connect inclusion management efforts to growth, client satisfaction and employee engagement.
  • Create a more inclusive culture positioned to drive growth through increasingly innovative, relevant creative work.

Talent Engagement Research and Management Training

Improved management and leadership training is critical to creating an inclusive, creative and innovative culture. Do What Matters partners with best-in-class talent engagement and management training firms to provide additional support to increase the managerial and leadership competence and confidence required to enrich your company’s talent portfolio.