Go beyond DEI.
Learn to manage humans for the 21st century.


The Desired Future Assessment ™️

Our assessment process delivers a solutions-focused roadmap for sustainable DEI initiatives and offers leadership the guidance they need to manage human capital for the 21st century. The assessment integrates insights from in-depth interviews where leaders are asked to envision, articulate and define their specific expectations for DEI success and organizational growth. Combining these insights with data from extensive employee research measuring the breadth of engagement and the depth of inclusion, the assessment delivers a comprehensive and holistic roadmap that goes beyond DEI and lays the foundation for successful ESG and inclusion management strategies required to drive growth in a talent driven economy.

What you will experience:

  • Our signature Desired Future in-depth interviews to focus on your future, not your past
  • A comprehensive talent engagement study with insights to help leaders manage humans more effectively
  • Ongoing access to an inclusion platform where employees anonymously share their experiences
  • A solutions–focused impact brief providing you with the guidance to create the talent gravity required for growth in a diverse and dynamic world


Inclusion Management Training

Inclusion management is a critical strategy for managing humans in a 21st century economy driven by creativity, innovation, knowledge and service. Inclusion management training will introduce your team to a systems approach to DEI, talent and workflow management. By integrating best practices in DEI, solution-building principles, and organizational psychology, our experienced instructors will help your team learn, practice and implement transformational systems and processes that will lead not only to greater diversity and representation, but will also create a culture that unleashes the potential of your talent force while increasing organizational efficiency.

What you will experience:

  • A comprehensive introduction to inclusion first management and a data-driven analysis of the global employee experience
  • An engaging and revealing look at how operational inefficiencies allow bias to thrive and structure company culture
  • Workshops and playbooks that empower your team to build and implement inclusive talent and workflow management solutions that will drivegrowth in multicultural, transcultural and global market.


Inclusive Leadership Coaching

Don’t go it alone. This is complex stuff and Dr. Lauren Tucker’s coaching, at the individual or team level, will guide you in the learning, practice and implementation of inclusion management. Her passionate crusade to help humans manage humans better will also guide DEI professionals in positioning their work as an integral part of managing human capital and unleashing the potential of a multicultural, transcultural and global talent force.


Inclusion Management Consulting

It’s hard to be a prophet in your own land, so again we say: Don’t go it alone. Our consultants have the depth of professional experience and the training to credibly speak truth to power and to employees. We partner with clients to implement sustainable DEI initiatives while building solutions that reduce the operational inefficiencies lead to talent turnover and unhappy customers.

Our management consulting partnership includes:

  • The Desired Future Assessment ™️
  • Inclusion Management Training
  • Leadership coaching to ensure leaders and managers get the support they need to implement inclusive talent and workflow management processes.
  • Ongoing measurement and analytics designed to provide insights to amplify what’s working, eliminate what’s not and fuel the momentum